On this page you will find some technical data relating to the various Scorpa Models
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Pre-mix ratio


Pre-mix oil

We recommend SIL HRC high performance 2 stroke oil

Spark plug

Racing models NGK BPR5ES

Factory models 2015 & 2016 NGK BPR5ES

Factory models from 2017 onward NGK BPR5HS

Spark plug gap


Gearbox oil

We recommend SIL Gear 75W

Gearbox oil qty

Factory and Racing until 2016 450ml

Factory and Racing from 2017 650ml (Diaphgram Clutch Models)

Fork oil

We recommend SIL Fork Oil

Fork oil weight

This depends on rider preference, the standard is 5W

Fork oil qty

Tech Forks (click this article)

Marzocchi Forks


Length 104 links

Front Sprocket 9 Tooth

Rear Sprocket 42 Tooth

Crank Nuts 100NM

Cylinder Head Studs 10NM

Cylinder Heads Nuts 10NM

Barrel Nuts 22NM

Barrell Studs 22NM

Front Engine Bolt 40NM

Rear Engine Bolt 22NM

Shock Top Bolt 40NM

Shock Bottom Bolt 50NM

D Link Bolt 40NM

Swing Arm Nut 50NM

Dog Bone Nut 25NM

Rear Spindle Nut 60NM

Front Spindle Nut 50NM

Clutch But 60NM

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